Thursday, 25 July 2013

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: From the Firm to the Wider World

Our friends at the Auckland Uni Economics Group are back for the new semester. Here’s their update for tonight’s show discussion:

YES! We’re back!!
    Welcome to those who have joined the group after visiting us during this Orientation Week. We look forward to meeting you again at our first meeting of this semester which is this Thursday.
    Yes, our weekly seminars return starting tonight at 6pm. And we're thrilled to say that we've got a fascinating talk and discussion planned. We’ll looking at a question that always starts plenty of debates. Put simply: What role should the government take in running companies? Some, none or all?
    Come along and find out what one influential school of economics has to say on this most controversial subject. And learn how the economic ideas that help answer that controversial question have other real world applications. What are they? Come along and find out!
    Where: Room 215, Level Two, Business School Building, Grafton Rd, Auckland University
    Date: Tonight, Thursday, 25 July
    Time: 6pm

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