Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bus travel in America declined historically because …

[Hat tip Cafe Hayek]


  1. It's quite an enlightening video, and shares many parallels with some of Ayn Rands novels, which underlines what she wrote.

  2. Small Government17 Jul 2013, 22:26:00

    PC, I'm surprised that some of your readers from the Greens' Frogblog (such as Toad) haven't popped in here to comment that they agree with the video that bus transportation is the way to alleviate over-crowded traffic. But hang-on, they don't want free-markets, they still want goverment to regulate bus companies so it becomes expensive to operate, therefore go out of business and we're back to square 1 of over-crowded traffics because people will get back to their cars. Funny how the Greenies think, huh?


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