Thursday, 27 June 2013

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.” [updated]

Julia Gillard seems to have forgotten the moment the wheels came off, and why.

Julia, they didn’t dislike you as Prime Minister because you are a woman.  They didn’t like you because you are a liar.

This is when the honesty wheels came off. Here’s Julia before the Federal election…

And after…

This was her “read my lips” moment. 

Hard to reconcile the two statements. Which is once reason no-one could trust a word she said thereafter.

Here were four more:

UPDATE: Not that new PM Krudd has boasting rights on honesty. Apparently this phrase, uttered in March:

“there are no circumstances under which he will return to the Labor Party leadership in the future”.

Actually means:

“I will knife Julia in the back, first chance I get.”

Observes the MacDoctor: “Excellent. Now we have Rudd’s ‘Rosetta Phrase’ we can apply it to all of his pronouncements henceforth.”


[Image from VexNews]


  1. the drunken watchman27 Jun 2013, 17:41:00

    so... who want to lay odds on Tony Abbott not doing the same thing?

  2. On the Panel yesterday a womann whose name escapes me said that no carbon tax was only part of the statement and quoted the rest. Gillard said she would put a price on carbon and did that so I'm not sure she's as shonky as she has been made out to be over that. maybe the truth is always somewhere in the middle? For all that she's not my cup of tea as she represents much that I hate. On that basis alone good ruddance.

    Now the Greens have to implode and maybe then I will risk a smile.

  3. "Extreme heat." "More bushfires and droughts" I doubt it.

    Where's the bad news? I could do with some warming. Seriously.

  4. @Anonymous: Here's the full interview from which the quote comes.

    And here's a discussion about the use of the shortened quote.

    Here's the full quote: "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead. What we will do is we will tackle the challenge of climate change. We’ve invested record amounts in solar and renewable energies. Now I want to build the transmission lines that will bring that clean, green energy into the national electricity grid. I also want to make sure we have no more dirty coal-fired power stations. I want to make sure we’re driving greener cars and working from greener buildings. I will be delivering those things, and leading our national debate to reach a consensus about putting a cap on carbon pollution."

  5. Thanks Peter. Can't believe anything you hear or read anymore. What's National Radio coming to?


  6. Hi Anonymous, Peter,

    Here's a clip where Julia Gillard insists that it's not a carbon tax but instead "a price on carbon"


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