Thursday, 13 June 2013

Australia: Join the dots

Australian cricket is in a black hole, beaten out of the ICC Champions trophy by bad weather, a bad attitude and even a vastly improved NZ side. Like Australian culture, Australian cricketers have transformed themselves from winners  to whiners: everybody’s whinging, and wants someone to care.

An Australian school has banned kids kicking footies around because some other kids might cop one in the head, about which a few parents have complained.

Another school has banned kids trading footy cards “to spare younger students the distress of bad trades.” And because a few parents have complained.

And in Canberra, a soon-to-be ex-Prime Minister is whinging because someone made up a menu, which no-one saw until she mentioned it herself, making fun of her. Presumably because she thinks her whinging about it will win her votes from other whingers.

Isn’t it time all the whingers got a life? Which is what Julia, at least, will have come October. Shame it won’t come with a sense of humour.


  1. Good post, Peter, It's very PC over here in N.S.W., much like it was in NZ years ago. Curiously, the labor party have a power struggle going on, as to who will be in charge of what is essentially the titanic, just before it hits the iceberg in September..

  2. I love the Greens comment too!



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