Monday, 20 May 2013

Troxell House, by Richard Neutra

Emulating “mid-century modern” may be the latest fashion in architecture—but if the emulators were to learn from original mid-century moderns like Richard Neutra that could become a very good fashion indeed.

His “Troxell House” was built in 1956 for Sidney and Arilla Troxell and his family, sold in 2003 to architect Charles Scott Hughes who renovated and expanded it in 2005.

The house features a reflecting pool, glass walls, birch doors, radiant-heat pipes under the concrete floors, recessed lighting (and a catwalk outside the master bedroom to make it easier to clean the windows.)

Oh yes, it just sold--for US$3.55 million. Clearly, mid-century modern still sells.

More photos, and a short story here.

PS: if you follow film, you might feel only a deviant could live in a place like this…

Oyler House - Movie Villains from Mike Dorsey on Vimeo.


  1. This is my kind of house!!!


  2. What a gorgeous home! I despair when I see the garbage most people build today. Have you ever designed something similar?


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