Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: Planning Without Central Plans: Part II

Here’s the note from our friends at the Auckland University Economics Group about tomorrow night’s discussion:

Last week we discovered how buying a bottle of milk helps explain how all prices are set.
This week we discuss how millions of simple choices every day, just like that one, are coordinated by their effect on the choices of others.
We’ll discuss how wages are set (and why employer greed is irrelevant), how planning is done without central plans (and how it never can be), and how consumers rule the world—and how entrepreneurs serve them.
All this and much more, including five simple principles to help you understand how the market almost automatically coordinates the economic activity of every person on the planet, and why the result is dynamic order rather than an “anarchy of production.”

    Date: Thursday, 30 May
    Time: 6pm - 7pm
    Location: Room 215, Level Two, Business School

Look forward to seeing you there. All welcome.

Check us out on the web at our Facebook Group.

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