Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dave McArtney, legend

David McArtney

Today’s sadness continues. I’ve just heard news that Hello Sailor’s Dave McArtney died last night.


Dave was one of music’s gentlemen, and one of my very favourite live musos.

Dave must have got sick of hearing this story, of how he turned me onto music.  He got it every time I saw him, if I’d had two beers or more. (That makes it a lot of times.)

I remember once someone saying what it meant to them when Bob Marley died. He said, “It means no more records from Bob, man.”  Dave’s dead, and that means no more records from Dave, nor gigs, chats, drinks, encores, no more harmonies, no more traded licks with Harry …


Hello Sailor’s Dave McArtney died last night.

[Pic from Stuff.]

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