Monday, 25 March 2013

Garden of Eden

Since I’ve slagged off before the amateur-hour administrators at Eden Park who’ve so often contrived  to make Eden Park the Home of Mediocrity, let me praise them now for the mature attitude they’ve taken during the first test cricket match the Park has hosted for seven years.

In short, they’ve done well.

The patronising ground announcements have gone. The scoreboards are providing advertising and scoreboard information, and not instead of. The overbearing Eden Park security staff, normally completely unaware they’re not policing a prison and that people are coming along to the park to enjoy themselves, all seem to have  taken a chill pill. They’ve allowed England’s terraces trumpeter to entertain the troops. Families are allowed to enjoy their own lunches, bringing in chilly bins, picnic baskets and thermos flasks.  And just like old times, at lunch times the ground is opened up to children (and big children) to wander out and hit a ball around themselves.


Mind you, they did confiscate a beach ball.

Still, it’s been a great few days at the Park, with (hopefully) a great result to come.


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  1. I have worked in the security there in the last month so I can give you an insiders view.The security has recently changed to a new company albut with many old experienced hands.There are KPI's set by Eden Park as part of the contract and they are strictly processed through the gates,contraband confiscated,people thrown out for offences against the set rules etc.

    The other week when there was that drama about a guy thrown out for throwing paper darts...? nope...he had a flask of Bourbon on him. Anyone who does gets thrown out has deserved it as security has to first warn people before any action can be taken.No open drinks container can be taken in as booze smuggeling is rampant.The conditions of entry are quite clear but still you get noddys...

    The ethos is...yes we are there as security...but out main role is to assist and ensure an enjoyable time is had by patrons as we are best able to facilitate.


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