Thursday, 7 March 2013

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: First meetup for 2013!


Our friends at the Auckland Uni Economics Group kick off for the year tonight at Auckland Uni Business School with free pizza and book giveaways.

You’d be a fool not to join them. Here’s their invitation:

Hi all,
Hopefully you had a good break and are ready for another great year. We sure are.
With global economies and financial markets still in turmoil, what better time  to discuss the importance of economic ideas.
So, come along tonight to the first Economics Group event of the year and hear economic ideas and economic thinkers kicked around.
We will also be discussing some of the upcoming events taking place this year.
If you have seen us on Facebook, or stopped by our stall at O-week, and would like to find out more, then tomorrow's meeting is definitely a great opportunity.
        Where: Case Room 3, Level Zero, Business School Building
        Date: Thursday, March 7th
        Time: 6pm
We look forward to seeing you there
PS: Did we mention there will be pizza and some book giveaways?

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