Monday, 11 March 2013

Another tax

The more expensive governments make it for employers to hire people, the fewer people will be hired.

Enter, stage left, the grey ones, bearing with them an opinion that Fringe Benefit Tax should ne now be levied on every employers providing car parks for their staff—car parks that for most senior staff is absolutely necessary in any city with the parking problems of, say, the country’s biggest city.

So we have another tax. Another fringe benefit tax. Another tax on employment—at a time when offering employment is increasingly hard to afford.

Thank goodness for the revenue collectors, eh.

PS: The fringe benefit tax—a tax on having staff—is a relatively recent abscess on the body of business. Can you guess which bright spark Minister of Finance introduced it?


  1. It was Roger Douglas, of course.

    His heirs of course support this.


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