Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Why does Waitangi Day belong to one race?

Why does Waitangi Day belong to one race?

It could be an annual non-racial nation-wide celebration of everything we’ve achieved in this country, which in just over one-hundred and seventy years our we and our forebears have turned into one of the best little countries in the world. It should be a celebration of the bringing to these isles of British rights and the British rule of law, which in 1840 still meant something—and which have underpinned ever since our freedom and prosperity.

If any country has something to celebrate, it’s this one. Wet instead, tomorrow will be another annual diplay of attention-seeking race-based bitching.

Bitching, this year, about “current constitutional arrangements” (there is “no constitutional safety for Maori” says a Margaret Mutu eager for a future of permanent hand-outs under a Maori-Party negotiated constitutional coup d'état).

Bitching this year, as every recent year, for all beaches to be given in perpetuity into the hands of tribal chieftains.

Bitching this year, as every year, for more handouts, more special favours for those of a particular hue, more legal standing for all those well-paid, well-upholstered tribal chieftains sitting at the trough around the BrownTable.

Bitching, this morning, about which particular misbegotten crone will get to hold John Key’s hand as he walks onto the marae.

Why do we countenance it?

And why do we let the whole agenda for celebrating the birth of our country belong to one race?

Time for something different. Time for a proper national day, and to turn this one instead into a One Law For All Day.

Which would, in itself, be much to celebrate.


  1. Agreed.

    I won't be wasting my time watching any news programme tomorrow.
    It's a day off work - nothing else.

  2. Hear hear PC.

    Our National Day is an absolutely farcical disgrace.... and that's not something that can be said of most countries. I'm not sure about calling it One Law For All Day, but we certainly need to abandon this idiotic Maori Moaning Day and choose something else to replace it.

    Dave Mann

  3. It sure is a pig of a day!

  4. Feb 6 should be celebrated for the birth of two distinguished individuals - Bob Marley and Ronald Reagan.


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