Thursday, 7 February 2013

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR'S: Peter Schiff Talks With Doug Casey

Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath has been watching videos…

I don't normally submit two offerings in a week, but I just have to share this with readers. It's an interview conducted by Doug Casey with Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff.

It will come as no surprise to hear Peter Schiff extolling the virtues of purchasing gold as a hedge against the collapsing U.S. dollar, warning of the coming inflationary consequences of the QE3 printing of money tokens, nominating Ben Bernancke as the worst ever Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and predicting the demise of living standards for Americans and others who suffer under high-tax deficit-funded big government.

But did you know that Peter's father Irwin Schiff is (as Peter puts it) a political prisoner? At age 84, Schiff Sr. is serving a 13 year prison sentence for refusing to pay federal income tax and for contempt of court.

Watch and listen to Peter's version of how the various trials were conducted and why he believes his father is the victim of a miscarriage of justice.   

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Doc McGrath


  1. Excellent interview, isn't it? I knew about Irwin Schiff but did not realise he was Peter's father.

    Irwin Schiff's story reminded me of when I worked for a private bank in London a few years ago. We had a large number of US clients and our chairman was a prominent speaker at US investment conferences and openly encouraged Americans to put some of their wealth offshore (much as Peter Schiff does today). Everything he advocated was legal, but for the 'crime' of telling Americans how to avoid US income taxes he was hassled by IRS agents whenever he went to America. It got to the point where he was afraid to step off an airplane in the USA. His fears were justified because one of his fellow speakers, a Swiss banker, was arrested by the IRS and held for a month without charge before being kicked out of the country and told to never come back.

    The IRS has always acted beyond the law and the Constitution. That is why it has been used by the US Government as the enforcer of last resort - imprisoning the likes of Al Capone when every other law enforcement agency has failed. Irwin Schiff has committed the heinous crime of challenging them to prove the legality of what they do. Unfortunately for him, the US courts are so complicit in the unconstitutional income tax system that he was never going to win.

  2. Seems to me that if, at law, you are entitled to challenge your accusers in court, then you should be able to challenge them with a defense, such as, oh, for example, bringing in their words (on which the trial might be based), bringing in your own words (for which you are on trial in the first place) Everything I know about the Irwin Schiff thing is disgusting.
    The guy was impractical. As Rand said, don't stand in front of the juggernaut. But what they're doing to him is nauseating.



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