Monday, 21 January 2013

Not everyone is convinced by Kim DotCom [updated]

Internet pirate Kim DotCon has managed to seduce most of the chattering classes and the commentariat, many of whom joined the oaf on the weekend to sip his cocktails and consume his canapés at the launch of yet another website to host stolen property.

John Barnett of South Pacific Pictures is one of the luvvies who’s mercifully free of the misplaced love for the convicted fraudster.

South Pacific Pictures chief executive John Barnett says the [new] site will undermine New Zealand's creative industries and encourage piracy.
Mr Barnett said he has seen nothing to suggest the new site will be any better for those who own content that may be illegally shared.

He failed to say he’d seen nothing in the character of the man already convicted of share scams, fraud and embezzlement to suggest he has any interest in running a legal operation. But he might have.

UPDATEHard News’s Russell Brown is not entirely convinced either about the oaf’s forthcoming music-share service, Megabox,

which is fundamentally based on depriving one unwilling party of revenue in order to pass it on to another, on an as-yet-unclear basis.
    The US prosecution of Dotcom and his former business Megaupload is symptomatic of the excesses of copyright enforcement. It has been improper and unjust in a number of ways. Dotcom himself is kinda fun to have around. But I don’t think we should fool ourselves into thinking that either of those things makes his grand ideas for content creators in any way fair or sustainable.

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