Friday, 11 January 2013

Gerald Melling, architect (1943-2012)

Wellington architect Gerald Melling died over the summer break.

These two gems, posted before here at NOT PC, are two of my favourites of his work.

'Split Box' House - Melling:Morse Architects

House by Gerard Melling and Allan Morse on a secluded site in Tuateawa Bay, Coromandel.

Two mezzanine rooms looking over a double-height living space – and an outside toilet.  Of course.

Simple, yet effective.

The Modern Residential Design blog calls it “seaside loft style living.”  It doesn’t mention the quality of the seaside.

  The reasons for the house's name should be obvious enough.

'Samurai' House – Melling:Morse Architects

The 'Samurai' House by Melling Morse Architects, a "small, simple house amongst the trees of a tiny suburban forest" in Silverstream, for a "celebrated martial arts exponent." [2003]

Small, yet perfectly formed.  Like a small well-crafted jewel box, don’t you think?


  1. Lovely houses and a beautiful post, Peter, but you might like to amend the year in the title to '2012' (and delete this comment). Happy New Year to you!

    Dave Mann

  2. Oops. Thanks Dave. Gerald was one of the good guys, as his beautifully crafted spaces demonstrate. Even in these days of rapidly rising building costs, he reckoned architect-designed houses shouldn't just be for people with $800,000 to spend.

  3. Take a look at the shard!


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