Wednesday, 23 January 2013

David Attenborough, scum

Every now and then, the veneer of environmentalism slips to reveal the malevolence beneath the green and cuddly surface.  You can see it in the list of revealing, anti-human quotes  from prominent mainstream environmentalists I assembled a few years back in the midst of a discussion about a new environmental ethic putting humans first.

To that stark and comprehensive list of anti-human vermin expressing their wish that you and I would die, you can now add David Attenborough, who smugly declares humans are a plague on the earth that need to be controlled by limiting population growth.

May I suggest if he is truly honest with himself, he go ahead and join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

In other words, you first, David.


  1. The Voluntary Extinction Movement is about not breeding, right?

    I think I can safely predict he won't be doing too much of that.

    Limiting growth is also a fair bit better than limiting...

  2. I think it's likely that the earth's human population is approaching a natural peak, and there is credible speculation that it may go from 6 billion to 7 billion, but then will start to decline. Not because we're running out of resrouces, but ass a natural consequence of globalisation and increasing capitalism in the less developed world. In short wealthier societies breed less - and virtually all 1st world nations now fail to reproduce the 2.1 children per female required to sustain the population. As the 2nd and 3rd world becomes more affluent, they will go the same way. In 100 years time the perceived problem may well be declining population.

    In reference to Attenborough's comments, a population decline will more likely come as a result of more economic development and capitalism, not less as he seems to be proposing.

  3. I react to this the same same way I react to Religious fundamentals who want to kill in the name of their 'God'.

    Im ok with that as long as they start with themselves!!!

  4. Mark - it's already gone to 7 billion.

  5. Right you are Graeme. My numbers were off slightly but the principle stands.

    Article below explains why we may soon see the world's population declining

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  7. Attenborough is a pompous oaf born into the BBC. If I had a choice between Johnny Morris or this upmarket twerp, It would be Johnny Morris all day lone god bless his soul.


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