Monday, 10 December 2012

Who’s to blame?

Normally I wouldn’t comment on the circus around a suicide, but the nurse who killed herself after taking a prank call is virtually the only allegedly “hard news” in which the press has really been interested this weekend. Turn on any media, and you can’t avoid it.

Which is the point at the heart of this comment at the UK Daily Mail’s website, which quickly became the top rated comment on its thread before being pulled (but not before being captured by a vigilant twitterer):


Hard to disagree with that, really.

It brings to mind a comment made to the media back in the sixties by Paul McArtney some days after he had quietly told an interviewing journalist he had smoked pot.  Asked during the ensuing media circus if he felt responsible for “corrupting” British youth, he quizzed his interlocutor, asking him if he accepted the premise that news a Beatle smoked pot was sufficient in itself to corrupt British youth, then shouldn’t the members of the media who chose to report that take some responsibility for the consequences of their reportage. Because they didn’t have to report it, did they.

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  1. So, the DJ's didn't consider the press when calling a hospital about a UK royal who was about to announce she was pregnant... Another oversight to add to their list.


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