Monday, 3 December 2012

Sweet Chariot v the haka

Funny, when there’s 50,000 Poms singing over it, the All Blacks’ haka looks like nothing more than twenty-two white blokes slapping themselves and dancing arhythmically. At least from this view we’re blessedly spared the facial grimaces. 

The bloody thing’s well past whatever use-by date it ever had.

Maybe instead of offering a determined opposition an ideal opportunity to wind up over-sensitive souls by “disrespecting” the stupid thing, the All Blacks should stop the overhyped non-dance, and concentrate instead on playing their sport right to the end of the season.

[Hat tip Stan B.]


  1. Hear bloody hear

  2. I partly blame the opposing teams for not heaping scorn contempt ridicule abuse total disrespect etc on the those ugly ugly pigs who are cring-makingly said to be from our country. Also for not smashing them into the ground to beat them in the games


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