Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Oh look, it’s a new tax

Here’s what John Key and Bill English just dropped in your Christmas stocking: a new tax.

3 cents a litre on your petrol every year for the next three years to pay for the govt’s asphalt machine—that’s 9c a litre in total by 2015 on top of the petrol taxes they already fleece you for every time you go to the pump.* Plus increased road user charges for the next three years.**


It’s been obvious to everyone with a calculator that unless it stops spending so goddamned much its pledge to be in surplus by 2014/15 is as likely as those “ongoing” and “substantial” tax cuts they bogusly promised to get elected in 2008.

This is really nothing more than a new tax to stop them driving over their own fiscal cliff. Which, unless they stop spending  so goddamned much,*** they will.

* * * * *

* Real price of petrol last time I checked was round $1.20 plus taxes, around one dollar being the cost of crude oil and 20c what the oil companies take to import, refine and distribute. All the rest already goes to the grey ones.
** And, since you’ve never seen a new tax yet that a govt hasn’t wanted to stick around and keep paying for its largesse, you just know these new taxes will be permanent.
*** Which is as near to a certainty as you ever get in politics.


  1. Of course this tax will be permanent and to add insult to injury the MP's are getting a pay rise. How does this work!

  2. Saw on the tellie (3) this morning the Co-Leader of the Green Party who said "I'm going to ask my family" when asked if she will accept a pay increase. What do think her family will say? Nice present in your Xmas stocking.

  3. I'm with you on this one. Arseholes!

  4. why the heck are MPs getting yet another lolly scramble? They are paid well enough already, with lots of perks.
    Some things never change. No wonder many of them don't ever seem to leave.



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