Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cop that, caucus

Former Labour Party MP John Tamihere says he will say what he thinks despite concerns from his party colleagues.

Should he ever find himself short of an epithet, Cactus Kate has boiled up all his favourites for him and distributed them around his future caucus to see how they fit.

Which, for the most part, is quite well.


  1. I think that tamihere's a racist separatist parasite. I think that he wants only bad things for NZ. He lyingly calls himself a maori although he's only a part-maori

  2. But so as Margaret Mutu, Peter Sharples, Tariana and many others. They're all part maori but they love to call themselves as Maori.

  3. Oh come on. Please don't take this as any kind of defense of Tamihere (can't stand the amoral prick), but do we really need to resort to "he's not even a real Maori!"

    The odiousness of race-based politics aside, if they identify as Maori, and the people they represent are happy to accept that, then where's the beef?

    Attack the game, not the player. Why do we have a Maori party? Why does race play a factor? Why, for that matter, do we accept democracy is equivalent to freedom, and therefore accept that a majority of one subgroup of humans can elect people who are then able to draft legislation which can govern how we choose to run our lives?


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