Monday, 19 November 2012

Who’s running the show?

After a weekend of turbulence over who runs the Labour Party—the leader?—the unions?—the caucus?—the wanna-be leader and his gang of white ants?—the Herald headline this morning suggests oil has been poured on the leadership waters roughed up by new rules making it easier to trigger a leadership challenge.

Cunliffe backs Shearer as leadership crisis calms” says the headline. Clearly however, the headline writer hadn’t read the story itself, which quoted from (and linked to) State Radio’s Morning Report on which new hostilities broke out on  this morning.

I support David S, David C. told State Radio this morning after a weekend demonstrating the opposite, and I rang him last night to tell him, he said.

No, he didn’t, countered David S. But I’ll make sure I get that support this Tuesday.

I’m fully in support of David S., reiterated David C., at least I am until February—or earlier if circumstances work out my way.

He’ll never get the chance, responded a hopeful David S., because now I’m running the show.

But is he?

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