Thursday, 8 November 2012

‘Maxfield’s Star,’ by David Knowles

image‘Maxfield’s Star’ by David Knowles, 40” x 40” (Buy it here)

David Knowles is a leading Contemporary Romantic Realist Artist who paints the bright, intense light of New Zealand.

When this delightful piece was chosen for the Inspirationz catalogue, it was rechristened “Imagination.” It’s that I can see here, a child finding that spark, that idea that, will challenge them and set their course for a lifetime.

No wonder it can make even hardened pedagogues cry.


  1. My first reaction to this image was of the Nazi Lebensborn program!

  2. Anonymous, We see in the world a refelection of ourselves.

  3. Dolf, what rubbish. My Grandfather was a Nazi Concentration Camp survivor and I have an inbuilt distain for anything that represents Nazism or fascism.
    This painting is a classic representation of the Nazi ideal of a blond hair blue eyed race!

  4. If that's your first reaction, then you really need to get out more.

  5. Uhm, Anonymous (post a name or this can get tedious), you have proven my point. You have a history influenced by Nazism, thus you see Nazism everywhere.

    Not all blonde girls looking at the sky are Nazis, you know, some of them are future swedish supermodels, or maybe even astronomers?


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