Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy birthday Auguste Rodin


Today would have been Auguste Rodin’s birthday. He would have been 172.

Burghers of Calais Auguste Rodin

He had the almost unique ability to breathe life into mere stone—to grant a life force to inanimate objects.  He could do with a pair of hands what other sculptors could never manage even with whole constellations of subject matter.

Hands Cathedral Auguste Rodin

After him, sculpture was truly never the same again. 


IMAGES from top to bottom: ‘The Kiss’ aka ‘Francesca da Rimini’; ‘ Cathedral’; Pierre di Wissant from the ‘Burghers of Calais’; ‘The Eternal Idol’ at The Musee Rodin in Paris.

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Anonymous Richard McGrath said...

And happy birthday to you, PC!

14 Nov 2012, 08:44:00  
Blogger Peter Cresswell said...

Yes, well, that's enough of that, thank you. Harumph!

14 Nov 2012, 09:07:00  
Anonymous The Other Julian said...

Beautiful! Thank you. Needed a reminder that it's not all-crap-all-the-time.

14 Nov 2012, 11:19:00  

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