Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Berkeley’s Hobbit

If a film premiere is held in Wellington for which I don’t care, should it make a sound on this blog?


  1. I was hoping to hear your views on the labour law changes and tax breaks given. Crony capitalism, or ratchet for freedom?

  2. To the extent everyone else was able to enjoy them, they were the latter.

    To the extent they were confined only to the movie-makers, they were the latter. Which is the way this National Government does business.

    When John Kay says he's helping business, he generally has a specific business in mind.

  3. Thank you for only devoting one line to the Hobbit.

    I can't take another avalanche of Middle-Earth hype.....I just can't....

    Just as a matter of interest, what don't you like about Welly?

  4. Studied this crappy book at school. I argued that the book was poorly written & was a retelling of numerous old English Fairy stories & wasnt worth the cost of purchasing the damn thing, let alone wasting time studying it.To my surprise, the Teacher agreed- he thought the book was a load of tosh as well!

  5. @Frankie Lee: Welly's fine, on a good day. It's the film premiere and its top billing in every news broadcast that leaves me cold.

  6. Peter Jackson is a talentless PARASITE. Deborah Ross in The Spectator was right when she said she'd rather stab out her own eyes with a pair of scissors than be made to watch Lord of the Rings again


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