Wednesday, 24 October 2012

#RoadTrip - where am I *this* time?

Now, this might be more confusing?



  1. I knew I'd seen it some time ago - took a while to find where...

    The Firth Tower Museum outside Matamata is on land that was once the centre of the huge estate of Josiah Clifton Firth, known locally as ‘the Duke of Matamata’. Firth poured money into clearing land, introducing the latest agricultural machinery and opening the Waihou River for navigation so he could send farm produce to Auckland markets. In 1882 he built a reinforced concrete tower as a lookout and fortification.

  2. Get this man on your quiz teams, ladies.

  3. A few years in the past, a bigger number than I care to admit to, I did take a little interest in NZ geography. It even got me my highest mark in SC. Those were the days when the subject was always examined NZ + one of the others - Africa/Europe/Americas on alternating years.


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