Tuesday, 23 October 2012

#RoadTrip : And where am I now?

NB: Obvious answers like "in the pooh" should be avoided.



Anonymous B Whitehead said...

East of Wellington?

23 Oct 2012, 19:44:00  
Anonymous Lofty said...

This is quite obviously the road to enlightenment, the puncture represents a learning experience, on the gravel strewn journey.
Or some such nonsense.

23 Oct 2012, 21:49:00  
Blogger Peter Cresswell said...

Yes, Lofty has it.

Although I would also have accepted "just north of Moonshine Rd, heading for the Rimutakas."

23 Oct 2012, 22:01:00  
Anonymous Julian said...

Interesting jack arrangement there.

24 Oct 2012, 09:30:00  
Blogger Peter Cresswell said...

Yes, the MG has a nifty little slot in the front chassis to slip the jack's lifting arm into.

24 Oct 2012, 12:06:00  

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