Monday, 15 October 2012

QUIZ: Which presidential candidate are you closest to?

This quiz promises to tell you to which presidential candidate you are the closest

These sorts of quizzes usually discount presidential policies that turn you off completely in favour of those for which you’re mildly in favour—in short, they highlight every minor similarity and ignore any major difference.

But this quiz does at least allow you to write your own policies. Sort of.

Anyway, here are my results after running through twice to see if it made any difference (the second time without rewriting policies to make them closer to what I’d support). What do you come up with?




  1. Interesting quiz Peter. My results:

    99% Gary Johnson (on economic, healthcare, environmental, science, foreign policy, social, and immigration issues )

    58% Mitt Romney (on domestic policy, foreign policy, and immigration issues )

    54% Virgil Goode (on environmental issues)

    18% Barak Obama (on domestic policy issues)

    45% American voters (on economic, domestic policy and immigration issues)

    Would be curious to know what caused the difference between us on the Obama score.

  2. Richard McGrath15 Oct 2012, 11:54:00

    @Terry: I got 78% with gary Johnson. Not quite sure ehat that means though...

    Partywise I got 83% Republican, 11% Greens and 8% Libertarian (!)

  3. Richard, the % score relates only to those issues listed in brackets after the score. So you are (supposedly) 78% aligned with Gary Johnson on those issues listed. That is how I understand it.

  4. Second time around, this time with additional questions answered, my results changed to:

    95% Gary Johnson (on economic, domestic policy, environmental, healthcare, social, science, and immigration issues )

    52% Virgil Goode (on domestic policy issues)

    51% Mitt Romney (on foreign policy issues)

    20% Barak Obama (no major issues) [sic]

    79% libertarian, 72% Republican, 13% Green, 11% Democrat.

    Would be keen to share results with you Richard is you want to email me a link, I'll reciprocate.



  5. Gary Johnson: 96% (economic, domestic policy, foreign policy, environmental, immigration, healthcare, science, social)

    Mitt Romney: 60% (economic, environmental)

    Jill Stein (holy crap, really?): 52% (foreign policy, social, immigration)

    Barack Obama (feeling dirty now): 34% (social)

    American Voters: 50% (foreign policy, economic, domestic policy, immigration issues)

    Libertarian: 86%
    Republican: 66%
    Democrat: 41%
    Green: 34%

    Their green party must be VERY different from ours is all I can say.

  6. Romney 92%
    Johnston 88%
    Virgil Good 66%
    Obama 33% (fuck knows on what I agree with him on)
    American Voters 42%


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