Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cameron Slater takes over at the ‘Truth’

Checking my Google Reader for news I’d been told would be announced this afternoon, the first thing I saw was a post headlined “Rough and Tumble Play”—which I assumed must be the much-whispered announcement that Cameron Slater is taking over the Truth newspaper.

It wasn’t, as it turns out. That was a post by Literacy NZ. This is the post announcing Whale Oil is going mainstream.

Yes, ‘tis true Dear Readers. NZ’s favourite gonzo blogger is becoming the editor of what was once NZ’s favourite gonzo newspaper.  Which may or may not mean surrounding himself with a truckload of real gonzo journalists to do what The Truth used to do so well: to kick the arse out of every well-fed sacred cow they could find.  Which appears to be his aim:

“Wellington, you’re on notice – be afraid.”

New Zealand’s number 1 news and opinion blogger Cameron Slater has today been appointed Editor of the Truth.
Truth is New Zealand’s last remaining Kiwi-owned national newspaper, which this year turns 125 years old.
Slater has been brought on board to fundamentally change the way newspapers deliver to their audiences. Newspapers worldwide are in decline, due, Slater says, to a tired old business model that no longer works.
“We’re not going to spend $4 million on a paint job and then deliver the same tired old paid-for shit.
“Most of the media in this country is weak, and it’s paid for. The integrity in news went ages ago.”
Slater is adamant that the backbone of New Zealand – the people who work – are not getting a fair shake from government or the system. He aims to change that….
“We’re going to keep the buggers honest. There’s no better disinfectant than sunlight….

Changes will be rolled out over a period of months and will include both print and a 24 hour news website to support the paper. Slater aims to alter the approach to news presentation significantly.
“We took the pulse of the nation, and it had nearly bloody died.
“No bastard wants to read old news – they can get that online. We’ll be more of a views-paper that promises to deliver REAL news, REAL opinion.
“The people are numb from the eyes down with the diet of PR’d crap they get now. I will not do it to them anymore – it’s not right.
“I assure you – the little paper that could still can!”

Slater’s first issue will hit newsstands on Thursday 8 November 2012.

Here’s John Lennon:


  1. So if it is not paid for by the readers, it would have to get revenue from either the government (heaven forbid) or advertisers.

    That means that Mr Slater becomes beholden to the capitalist system he so often derides.

    How would he bring news that reflects negativley on those very companies who sponsors him? It would be interesting to see how he handles the "real" world.

  2. Pro-capitalist31 Oct 2012, 20:08:00

    Cameron is the sort person that's definitely needed to expose fucktard MPs.

  3. It's great to see this!

    I only hope that Cam looks after himself and doesn't let this job burn him out.

    He is *just* the kind of guy to give the MSM the **bloody good arse-kicking** that it needs.

  4. @Dolf: I think he's far harder on socialism and big government than capitalism, and I believe you're probably thinking of crony rather than laissez faire capitalism.

  5. Doc,

    Crony capitalism is a contradiction in terms.

  6. Doc McGrath

    My point went more to the economic realities of running a paper vs running a blog.

    Whereas he no doubt loves controversy, and yes he is more often an enemy of the big government, it is hard to make money from advertising if you were to run possibly unpopular/controversial stories.

    This is amplified by the fact that he will not be charging for content and is therefore solely reliant on companies associating with him (through advertising) in order to survive.

    When I say capitalist, I mean it in the strictest Randian sense. Providing value that others are willing to trade value for.

    He openly derides this, even here, by refering to it as "Paid-for shit"

  7. @Gregster: You're right, cronyism is a better term.


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