Thursday, 6 September 2012

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We have ways of making you do what's right”

As an apostle of altruism, Barack is going to give you what you deserve:
your neighbor's money.
    Barack feels your pain. Well, not pain, since you're not really struggling.
[Not in the sense, say, of the pioneers who built the country actually went
out seeking struggle—new places to explore, new lands to claim and conquer.
And all they asked was that, if they succeeded, they would own what they
created.] So let's say Barack hears your whining—and he's galvanized into
action. He's going to help you out—at somebody else's expense.
    Why is this something Democrats approve of? Simple: the expense will
be borne by someone better off. The strong must help the weak, and if they
won't help voluntarily, we have ways of making them do what's right.
- Harry Binswanger, “It's all about morality, ” Harry Binswanger List

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