Tuesday, 25 September 2012

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On layoffs

“We have a weird double standard. When an employee leaves a
company for greener pastures—maybe higher pay, maybe more
satisfying work, maybe a more pleasant commute—nobody
complains. Of course he should do what’s best for him.
“But when a business does the same thing? When it judges that
some jobs are draining profits and need to be cut? Then it’s as if
some nefarious sin has been committed…
“Small comfort to the guy who finds himself out of work, though,
right? Actually, it should be something of a comfort. Think about it.
You work for an employer because you think it’s a good deal for you:
would you really want to stay if you thought it was a bad deal for him?”

         - Yaron Brook, “Creative Destruction includes Layoffs

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