Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Rand on Marilyn


It’s fifty years this week that Marilyn Monroe died, aged 36.

I’ll bet you didn’t realise, but her passing and the manner of it profoundly moved Ayn Rand—who wrote in the LA Times shortly after that people were right to feel “her death had some special significance, almost like a warning they could not decipher.”

If there ever was a victim of society [write Rand]. Marilyn Monroe was that victim--of a society that professes dedication to the relief of the suffering, but kills the joyous.

Read Rand’s posthumous tribute to Marilyn Monroe here—and discover who she thought her real murderers.


  1. I think everyone who exults in life, who pursues their personal dream and achieves any measure of success through their own hard work, experiences that "unspeakable kind of evil" that Ayn Rand spoke of. I suspect that Marilyn gave up when finally she got tired of hearing people say about her career, "You didn't build that."

    People like Marilyn live free or die.

  2. Atlas Shrugged Part 2 will be in theaters Oct 12, 2012.


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