Thursday, 23 August 2012

Police car

A 40-year-old woman died when the vehicle she was in was hit by a speeding police car on Ormiston Road about 9am on Wednesday.

Residents in the South Auckland suburb of Otara say it was only a matter of time before a police car was involved in a fatal crash on a stretch of road notorious for serious accidents…

This is not unusual.

Ormiston Road resident Ian Vaeteru says the street is a dangerous place for a motorist.
"The cops are renowned for speeding round here on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There's always emergencies up and down the street.”

Yes, the cops. The authorities who are so big on others’ speeding.

Tania Tamanui, who lives in the area, says she often sees police cars driving at high speed along the street, which is near a police station.
Another neighbour, Daryl, says it's not the first time a police car has been involved in an accident on that road.
"People drive too fast down there, especially the police ... they just go flat out down here. We had one on Friday over here, someone ran into our fence, and the police were chasing them as well."

Yes, there are always emergencies.  Always a reason to get somewhere fast.  But as anyone who’s lived there knows, speeding police cars criss-cross South Auckland all the time, driven—you can easily be forgiven for thinking—by drivers who are high on power but would rather be exercising it somewhere else.   Who don’t want to be there, and have little concern for the people they’re speeding past. 

Or into.

Here are The Members.

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