Sunday, 26 August 2012

On Atheism and absolutes

It’s not enough just to reject the existence of gods if one ends up embracing nihilism.

“Atheism means only that one does not believe in god; it does not mean that one embraces reason… Far more important than whether someone rejects religion, is whether someone embraces reason—thinking grounded in observation of reality.”
  - Ari Armstrong, “Atheism Rises in U.S.—But What About Reason?

Ayn Rand makes the case that reason, rather than faith, should be one's moral absolute:

Yet the irreligious left are now attacking Rand for for her atheism (something the right typically does). Odd, reckons Ari Armstrong--“but Rand's positive philosophy of evidence-based reason and this-world values deserves a closer look,” he says.


  1. Have the Left realised the cold,inconvenient truth that a rational, fact based atheism means a rejection of the irrational nonsense of socialism....for the same reason that religion should be rejected...

  2. Yes James. Socialists believe a sky fairy created the universe. Objectivists, on the other hand, know that Ayn Rand did it.

  3. Socialism,like belief in a god is irrational and not supported by the


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