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FRIDAY MORNING RAMBLE: The “Who’s Paul Ryan” edition

Crikey, who would have thought selecting a bloke for VP candidate who’s said he quite likes Atlas Shrugged would be so controversial! More on that shortly, but first…
MPs vote next week on a bill proposing to prohibit people old enough to marry, vote and fight for their country from having a drink. David Farrar has started a topical series in response…
Keep it 18, Reason #1: Youth drinking is dropping, not increasing
Keep it 18, Reason #2: Increasing the purchase age will dilute the message not to supply to minors
Keep it 18, Reason #3: A split 18/20 age will push young drinkers into town
Keep it 18, Reason #4: Most alcohol is supplied by parents or family members
Can binge drinking be fixed by increasing the price of alcohol? Answer: No.
Can harms associated with high-intensity drinking be reduced by increasing the price of alcohol? – DRUG & ALCOHOL REVIEW
MPs will also be deciding whether to grant you and your loved ones permission to end your own life. Unwilling to grant you such permission (what gives you the idea you own your own life?!) new MP Maggie Barry resorts to a filthy false dichotomy to push her case.
Palliative Care and Euthanasia – KIWIBLOG
Palliative Care vs Assisted Dying: A false dichotomy – Kevin Hague, FROG BLOG
Why should primitive superstition be delivered on the news with a straight face?

National MP Nick Smith is an appalling waste of a human being. But with a PhD in engineering, he does know enough to write a good piece on fracking … even if he did resort to a little misdirection on how much fracking is done for geothermal energy.
Fracking the sensible choice for NZ – Nick Smith, NZ HERALD
Smith gets it wrong on fracking – Gareth Hughes, FROG BLOG
I’m no fan of one-size-fits-all National Standards. But neither am I a supporter of hiding any information that is gathered on the state of our factory schools.
Is this the real agenda? – KIWIBLOG
Not for all the same reasons, but I think his conclusion is right.
The question of Afghanistan becomes more urgent – HARD NEWS
Of course, the bad news is that the US Government’s regulatory agencies and departments (not to mention the central bank) have never been busier.  But couldn’t we at least have a parliament like this?
This Congress could be least productive since 1947 - HISTORY NEWS NETWORK.
Here’s an idea we could try here.
Passengers, not taxpayers, should pay for the railways – I.E.A. UK
Does an apology really cut the mustard when an arsehole with a clipboard has virtually closed your business down—especially when it’s accompanied by a huge rates increase.
Sailing? The Irish Olympic Sailing Committee finally make sense for us of the nonsense out there on the water.
imageDirector of the Olympic committee trough Jacques Rogge sniffs disdainfully at the notion Usain Bolt could even be considered a legend.
Usain Bolt is a legend -- even if the IOC disagrees – Dan Wetzel, YAHOO SPORTS
Athlete Shrugged: 
Usain Bolt Just Says No to UK’s Taxes on Non-Resident Athletes  - BASTIAT INSTITUTE
Not a medal table Aussie would want to top, I suspect.
How Australia topped the medal tally – SMH
Here with us now, to review that Australian Olympic performance, is John Clarke.
Isn’t it astonishing how well satire sometimes gets to the heart of the matter.
Not Even Julian Assange Clear On What's Going On With Him Right Now – THE ONION
Since a lot of you are asking me about Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand … and about those folk who confuse his Rand fandom with agreement on her fundamentals … and because opinion is so divided …
Romney, Ryan … and Rand?! – NOT PC
Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand – Don Watkins, LAISSEZ FAIRE
Paul Ryan Is No Ayn Rand Disciple: He’s a Fiscal Moderate – Yaron Brook, LAISSEZ FAIRE
Further Thoughts on Why Objectivists Should Actively Campaign for Romney-Ryan – Craig Biddle, OBJECTIVE STANDARD
Probably the best discussion you’re going to hear on the Ryan-Rand relationship—and the huge opportunity it presents.
Yaron Brook talks to Amy Peikoff to talk about about Paul Ryan and the potential implications of him as VP for our long-term battle to improve the culture. – DON’T LET IT GO
It’s not like it’s hard to explain—if folk do care about the facts.
The Appeal of Ayn Rand – Onkhar Ghate
Philosopher Diana Hseih answers two now very topical questions: “Can an Objectivist believe in God?” and “How can a conservative Christian also be a supporter of capitalism?”
Ayn Rand’s Problem?NOODLE FOOD
Does the lack of a liberal Ayn Rand says something about the state of modern liberalism—and the extent to which it’s abandoned ideas?
Why is there no liberal Ayn Rand – POWER LINE
Since Ryan is at least bold enough to challenge the Entitlement State, perhaps it’s worth pondering the justification (if any) for  so called “entitlement rights.”
A short Interview about “positive rights” (entitlements) – Tibor Machan, TIBOR’S SPACE
With a fresh election amid dire economic times, Americans (or at least Republican Americans) are also talking about …
I’m pretty sure the second word of the heading is redundant.
Europe returns to recession – MACROBUSINESS
So if Greece gets money from the bailout fund to repay the bailout fund, has a repayment actually been made?
Greece’s Debt Bomb – DAILY CAPITALIST
And the award for Europe’s most dangerous politician goes to …
Europe's Most Dangerous Politicians: Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, David Cameron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jose Barroso, Mario Monti, Herman Van Rompuy – MISH'S GLOBAL ECONOMIC TREND ANALYSIS
"UK inflation jumps unexpectedly in July". Oh yes, completely unexpected that...
Expect the Bank of England to be surprised by inflation in the next couple of months – STEVE BAKER, MP
The European economy turns from stagnation to contraction. Financial journalists conclude that “austerity” is the reason. Apparently none of them are able to read.
Is Austerity Killing Us? – Doug French, LAISSEZ FAIRE TODAY
"What exactly is your ‘fair share’ of what 'someone else' has worked for?"
- Thomas Sowell
Turns out it wasn’t difficult.
How Alan Turing Outsmarted Britain’s Home Guard—and For Their Own Good – Daniel Wahl, TOS BLOG
Cartoonist Tom Scott has switched from criticising Netanyahu to criticising Ahmadinejad. Not before time.
"The dumbest man in the world" – TIMG_OZ BLOG
It’s never to late to read, or re-read, Frederic Bastiat’s classic and highly entertaining essays. As a British MP reminds us.
The obstacle mistaken for the causeCOBDEN CENTRE
Bastiat’s “What is Seen and What is Not Seen” is “the pinnacle of economic profundity.” It’s true, you know.
Who Loves Bastiat and Who Loves Him Not – Bryan Caplan, ECON LOG
Picasso understood value pricing!
What if Picasso had been an Accountant – XERO BLOG
Jobs dry up for travel agents and IT workers – NZ HERALD
Here’s a question to ponder:
Where is Jesus When People Starve? – ATHEIST REVOLUTION
This is not how every lecturer would deliver a final exam. But Tyler Cowen is not your usual lecturer.
Tyler Cowen’s Unusual Final Exam – SETH’S BLOG
Don't risk your health listening to doctors, says Dr Shaun Holt, listen to 3rd rate celebs instead.
Stars who swear by alternative medicine – DAILY MIRROR
Sex researchers do say couples who sleep apart are healthier, have happier marriages and strong sex lives. So why cling to spooning?
Separate beds are liberating – SALON
Conducting an accurate and reliable sex survey however is as difficult as … [insert your own metaphor].
Is that a kiwi in your pocket? – STATS CHAT
Speaking of damn lies and statistics, isn’t it interesting how so many academic researchers are able to jeuje up their results so convincingly.
Live by statistics, die by statistics – PHARYNGULA
Wow. This painting is by someone who describes himself as beginner, who’s currently studying under artist Michael Newberry. (Click the painting to see a larger pic.)
AJ Nesselrod, oil painting of Koi – NEWBERRY’S BLOG
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