Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Beer pr1zes!

I’ve been extremely remiss in not passing on to you the results of NZ’s beer awards, announced last week in Wellington. So without further ado…


The Full Details of the Trophy Winners are below:

New Zealand Champion Brewery
Harrington's Breweries

Champion International Brewery
Boston Beer Co

European Lager Styles
Wigram Brewing Company: Munchner Dunkel

International Lager Styles
Tuatara Brewing Company: Tuatara Pilsner

British Ale Styles
Emerson's Brewery: Regional Best Bitter

Other European Ale Styles
Golden Bear Brewing: Pirate Peach Saison

US Ale Styles
Liberty Brewing Co: Yakima Monster

International Ale Styles
ParrotDog: BitterBitch

Stout & Porter Styles
Wigram Brewing Company; The Czar

Wheat & Other Grain Styles
Tuatara Brewing Co Ltd: Tuatara Hefe

Flavoured & Aged Styles (incl. Fruit/Spice/Herb/ Honey/Smoke)
Garage Project: Dark Arts

New Zealand Specific Styles
Boundary Road Brewery: NZ Pure

Specialty, Experimental, Aged, Barrel & Wood-Aged Styles
8 Wired Brewing: Grand Cru 2011

Cider & Perry Styles
Bulmer Harvest: Harvest Pear Cider

Cask Conditioned
Townshend Brewery: HM’s Black Strap Porter

Tuatara Brewing Company: Tuatara Range

Festive Brew
Garage Project: Ziggy’s Carrot Cake

Morton Coutts Trophy for Innovation*
James (Jim) Pollitt

Brewers Guild New Zealand Beer Writer of the Year 2012
Phil Cook**

Congratulations to all the prize winners.

Time to get out and sample them all.


* * * * *

*Not sure why the trophy for innovation is named after the fellow who invented the continuous brewing  method, by which hops, malt, water and yeast are turned into bottles full of tasteless pap by mainstream brewers. But there you go.

**And Phil Cook’s beer writing can be found here, along with his trophy.


  1. Peter, pop in to Shakespeare's one day and try to catch Ben Middlemiss when he's done brewing. Talk to him about Morton Coutts. Ben knew him, and has a truckload of respect for the guy. The stories are pretty amazing.

  2. There is a philosophy book with the title "Is the unexamined beer worth drinking?"


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