Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Xmas in July!


Hi everyone. I’ve been away. Did you miss me?

I headed to Melbourne for the round of footy they were calling “Xmas in July” –nearly every team playing at the top of their game, and everyone playing an opponent whose throat they had good reason to cut.

It was a cracker!  Four games of live footy in three days, several other games of various descriptions—starting Friday night with Geelong hammering Essendon into the ground (Go the Cats!); a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the MCG watching Collingwood get their beans from Hawthorn, and a Sunday avo at “The G” one day later (bring back  afternoon games) watching North Melbourne just edge out Richmond in the dying seconds for the chance to play finals footy in September.


A thrilling weekend of footy. Accompanied by a tour around Victorian craft beer (best on ground was a Mornington Peninsula IPA consumed at the Cherry Tree Hotel just before the Tigers/Kangaroos game). A meeting with Prodos in which we plotted world domination. Topped off by a visit to the great National Gallery of Victoria for the Napoleon and Empire exhibition, where I got to stand and stare for over an hour at Jacques-Louis David’s iconic painting of Napoleon.

So you can see I had a great time (and thanks for asking).


Oh, and by the way, if you’re flying into Melbourne with a group and you want to book an inexpensive and friendly cab, give the On Time Chauffered Car company a call. Cheaper than a shuttle! (And despite being a Collingwood supporter, their driver Muzi proved a genuine gentleman yesterday in saving my bacon after I left my bag behind in his cab, zooming back to the airport with it and refusing any extra payment for it “’cos that’s what mates do.” Onya Muzi.)

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  1. Sounds awesome. You should take me next time haha!


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