Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ewen McDonald. Guilty? [updated]

All of the evidence supporting the charges against Ewen McDonald for the murder of Scott Guy has now been presented.

And I fully concede the press reports from the trial were sensational rather than factual. But I don’t recall any clear evidence being presented (or at least reported as being presented) that demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that it was Ewen McDonald who killed Mr Guy.  Hell, forget reasonable doubt—I can’t recall any evidence presented at all even suggesting it was he who murdered him.

Sure, he didn’t like him. But evidence of dislike is not evidence of murder. Yes, he burned down a house being trucked in. But evidence of arson is not evidence of murder.  And I saw no credible evidence presented in court supporting the charge against him of murder.

Did you?

UPDATE:  Apparently the jury didn’t either.

Verdict is not guilty after yet another disgraceful prosecution by Crown Law—a prosecution so lacklustre it leaves McDonald neither convicted nor cleared.  With continuing incompetence like this, no wonder Crown Law has given up the ghost on the Kim DotCom case.


  1. Agree Peter. The judge's summing up of the case gave hints that he has reached the same conclusion.


  2. Have to agree. If what has been reported in the press is a fair reflection of what has been presented to the Jury then the reality is it is all circumstantial and there is plent of room for doubt.

    I would not be surprised if he did it but you have to say the crown are some distance from proving that he did.

  3. I feel a bit dirty reading up on the case - reasonable surety of any accused person's innocence seems to be a quaint historical tradition. Having said that I'll venture out to suggest that MacDonald probably did it, fully recognising that 'probably' isn't good enough. (It's just struck me that David Bain's compo will be decided the balance of probabilities - ha!)

  4. Given the complete lack of physical evidence surely you would have to question the decision to prosecute? What has the trial cost? Seems to be one of those cases where there was a lot of pressure to "do something",or perhaps to be seen to be doing something.
    I think Mr McD could have been acquitted if represented by a first year law student.

  5. "Given the complete lack of physical evidence surely you would have to question the decision to prosecute."


  6. Yes. I've been saying exactly the same at work - everyone else here things he should be locked up because he's definitely a "wrong 'un", but no one can say he did it "beyond reasonable doubt". I'm sure if there was hard evidence given in court, the media wouldn't have forgotten to mention it.

  7. To be honest, this trial has been a disgrace to Scott Guy. He deserves better than the evidence presented.

    The first case to convict using fingerprint evidence was in Argentina in 1896. A single fingerprint in blood was enough to convict. I kept waiting for this type of a piece of evidence (thinking the diving boots were going to be it) but it never came.

    I don't see how the jury could possibly convict even if it is likely. If they do we should all be afraid.

  8. Those boots were made for walking..

  9. The judge did say in his summing up that circumstantial evidence was enough for a guilty verdict. Why did the defense use the argument in their summing up that Scott and Ewen had never got on better? This was just part of Ewen's plan to deceive all and murder Scott. I stand by Kylee...YES, EWEN MCDONALD MURDERED HER HUSBAND.
    C. McDannold

  10. It would seem that he got away with murder,, there is no one else in the frame, not even remotely, nor any other motive.
    I am of the mind he got someone else to pull it off, because somehoe he just didn't have the bottle.
    Given that he's in for hard yards inside.
    Maybe karma for the 3 Dogs and the Deer he killed.

  11. I thought that the NZ Police (Lower Hutt) had used psychics in the past to find murderers?

  12. They'll get him. New evidence will be interesting. If this was all so planned would you not think he would use a size bigger dive boot? I am sure he would have thought of that! Too much hatred, such a nasty person.
    Let's hope he gets his just desserts anyway.

  13. There is just something that does not add up here. If Ewen did kill Scott it wasn't because he was jealous over work. He was jealous of something much deeper than that. People kill for love and jealously but not work related tussles. Ewen was married to Scott's sister so the wasnt going anywhere. He burnt that house to get at her... If he killed Scott it was to get Kylie. Now why would anyone do that? Rejection ?

    Of course all speculation.

  14. Anonymous said ...
    The people of NZ deserve to know the TRUTH and all of the charges this man was up for. Irresponsible justice France. Justice has NOT been done and this is disgraceful. I personally couldn't sleep at night if I had defended this guilty man and got him off. Shame. What a incredible failure of the NZ Justice System. This man is a dangerous person to NZ public and should be in jail for a long time.

  15. I believe he is GUILTY and should be locked away. There was just so much circumstantial evidence pointing to him. He was proven as a liar, a terrorist, a vandal, and someone who takes revenge for many years. He is also a killer as was also proven with the many animals lives he has taken. He knew the shot gun could not be traced, and mostly covered his tracks so evidence was very difficult to obtain. This was no robbery gone wrong, the gate was shut deliberately so that Scott would have to get out of his vehicle... an easy target for a hunter! My personal opinion is that he is a psychopath, and a very dangerous person. I felt that the information withheld from the case was relevant to the case in establishing the motive and in educating the Jury to the personality of the accused. My heart goes out to the Victims, the Legal System has protected the wrong people in this case I believe!

  16. From Mikkie
    I think that little tosser who from the beginning spilled his guts to the police and is now rubbishing Ewan McD could well have something more to do with the whole thing. "Ewan led me into bad ways!" Yeah Right!

  17. 'Outrageous Fortune' - 'Horrible, Most Horrible' (Episode about revenge) Hayden Peters to Loretta West "I can't even sleep at night for fear that you will burn down my house" Loretta West "I'm not that psycho" ...

  18. Anonymous ,
    Off course he is guilty, he is a physcopath, yes he carefully planned and carried out all the other crimes, he is a liar, very cunning ,concealing his night missions, arson and vandalism over many years, six at least, even from his wife!
    He is very dangerous person and should be locked away for a very long time, this is a tragedy for Scotts family, now Kylee after having lost her husband has to fight on through her grief to do what the JUSTICE SYSTEM should have done. GET JUSTICE and have this man put away. SHE HAS SUFFERED enough surely.These highly paid Judges and Lawyers have failed to do their jobs! Justice has not been done and a very very dangerous man has been let off. Dig up the whole farm to find those puppies, I really hope they find the evidence needed to put him away. The charges suppressed were relevant and important to the trial, it shows what this man is capable off and how far he will go for revenge. The jury deserved to know all of this evidence and information as it is the truth. Why would this criminal DESERVE any protection by the justice system. He has chosen to commit these crimes. He planned the whole murder, just like all the other crimes.


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