Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Don’t count out Spain

Roving economic commentator John Mauldin reckons that however bad Spain is economically, it’s impossible to be pessimistic for very long about a place with the spirit to do this!


  1. the drunken watchman11 Jul 2012, 13:37:00


    and bravo for your website, Peter

  2. Yes, great stuff. And, in an interesting (economically speaking) twist, the whole thing looks to have been put together by a bank (Banc Sabadell)!

    Dave Mann

  3. I am not do sure about any optimism for Spain, Spaniard lives in the past, thinks Spain is special.

  4. Beautiful. I wondered how many in the crowd who knew about it beforehand. I looked like that the singers from the crowd who were singing along were part of the setup. The fact that a lot of the singers in the crowd knew the lyrics, it meant that they knew it beforehand. So, all they did were just hanging around in that square waiting to hear the first 2 players to start playing and they all moved closer.

    Amazing and it was well (self) organized. It seemed spontaneous (order) of how the crowd started gathering to watch the first 2 players playing. Ode Joy is perhaps my #1 favorite classical music.

  5. I felt uplifted, thank you Peter.

    Looks like all involved did too.


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