Monday, 16 July 2012

Becroft is bonkers

Judge Andrew Becroft received a standing ovation over the weekend from teachers and school trustees for his call for government schools to become the “front line against youth crime.”

He says three quarters of all youth offenders are not in school, because they have either been expelled or suspended, or have slipped through the system…He says ideally schools should act as hubs for social support services so resources can be targeted at students who are most at risk.

This is absurd.

More than ninety percent of people in prison have never been taught to read and write. Yet instead of teaching children to read, he thinks teachers should be outreach workers for the social welfare department.

A regular drumbeat of statistics and stories confirms the government’s factory schools are already failing at their primary job of teaching kids how to read, write and think. Yet Becroft J. wants it to further divert themselves by taking their few resources and giving back to their communities more of what already ails them. Which is welfare.

Welfare is already killing communities. There is is more welfare in South Auckland—more government “help,” government housing and government social workers per capita than anywhere else in the country. It hasn’t helped. It’s made things worse. Welfare pays no-hopers to breed. It pays them to breed more no-hopers. It sends these to factory schools that teaches them nothing of any use, and spews them out to be the same.

Government welfare is not improving lives, its diminishing them. We don’t need more of it. We need less.

And the factory schools? We need them to educate, not to hold hands.


  1. One of the ways the left wing has locked in their political and social agenda is by stacking the judiciary with fellow travellers. The most obvious example is the US Supreme Court since the 1930s but it has also happened here, most noticeably with the last Labour Government's abolition of the Privy Council and appointment of only the most sympathetic judges to the Supreme Court (overlooking some obviously more competent and experienced candidates). It will make it doubly difficult for future Western governments to unwind the welfare state, work which will be critical to saving the West from further decline.

    Gramsci would have been proud of what his adherents have achieved.

  2. Kiwiwit is correct. But further to that, none of the rot can ever be fixed politically in a direct sense, the problem is at a more fundamental level - the culture. The institutional left have systematically trashed it for decades and until that is begun to be turned around, nothings gonna change.

  3. “Welfare pays no-hopers to breed”

    Welfare is anti-social. If the State pays you every week there is no need to interact in a co-operative way with wider society. Those on long term welfare have been disfranchized by the State first.


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