Thursday, 5 July 2012

And the biggest drinkers are…

No, men over fifty are not the nation’s biggest drinkers.

Whatever the sub-editors at the Royal NZ Herald say.

As two of the experts actually quoted in the Herald’s story said, men over 50 accounted for the largest chunk of the booze because there are a lot of men over 50, not because they are the heaviest drinkers.  A little simple arithmetic shows that, per person, men over 50 drank less than men 35-50, and less than men 25-34.

We men between 35-50 clearly need to pick up the pace.


  1. Oh I read that wrong. It says 'men over 50 accounted for ...'

    I first read it as 'men over 50 and accountants ...' and thought, yeah, that's sounds right.

  2. Hell yes. If I were an accountant, I'd drink heavily too.

  3. 'We men between 35-50 clearly need to pick up the pace.'
    Point taken, I'll have a drink tonight then..

  4. We are getting it down to a bottle a night between the two of us.

    Well, week nights.

  5. @Bruce: That's the spirit.

    @Mark: Pathetic. And you call yourself an accountant.

  6. Apparently, we're well under-represented in road accidents as well (although MOT/NZTA is careful to disguise this fact in their stats).

    I suspect all this wowserism means we aren't getting our share of the health dollar. I feel a protest march is in order.

  7. 'We men between 35-50 clearly need to pick up the pace.'

    Well then get to it, son!

    You probably don't even brew your own....


  8. as usual,another brilliant post, I just can not understand how you get up on friday morning so inspirational, it is good to hear the news , especially when one is overseas, it is difficult to hear the truth,and we keep coming back from all over the world, pc


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