Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Queen's Birthday Dishonours List

The folk selected for honours on the Queen's Birthday Honours List don't usually interest me.

But I think it's high time for a Dishonours List.

And Douglas Graham, LOMBARD, is the ideal candidate to be first on that list to have his honours stripped.

So why isn't he? And who else would you nominate?


  1. I'm far more angry about someone on this year's list - bloody Cullen.

    I've put up a short piece on behind the IRon Drape.

  2. Interestingly Mark, I'd ignored the whole thing until my wife spluttered "CULLEN! FUCK THAT!" The worst part was it caused her to spill some of her Hopwired IPA she was drinking at the time!

  3. I nominate Civil Defence, CERA, Christchurch City Council, and the Key government for their outstanding contribution to the destruction of the entrepreneurial spirit of businesspeople in the Christchurch CBD and for their disregard of property rights.


  4. Cullen's award smells to me of Key et al positioning themselves so that a future Labour government will reciprocate the favour. It wouldn't surprise me if John Boy's dream is to hear the words "Arise Sir John".

  5. Richard McGrath5 Jun 2012, 11:38:00

    At least Bolger had the courage of his convictions and turned down an honour, unlike Cullen.


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