Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Get the hell to ‘Rigoletto’

I was lucky enough to sneak into the dress rehearsal for Rigoletto last night at the Aotea Centre, and I have just one word for you: “Wow!”

‘Rigoletto’ by NZ Opera

If you can beg, borrow, steal or even buy a ticket, then get the hell along. Even if you’ve never seen opera before, get the hell along.

Trust me. This is the real deal.

Not only is this Verdi’s most thrilling music—which is saying something—not only is it based on Victor Hugo’s most acerbic drama, not only is it held in the Aotea Centre (yes, yes, I know, but a long, long, loooooong-overdue acoustic upgrade finally allows the singers to be heard) and what the singers are delivering is thrilling.  And I say that after just a listen to them in the dress rehearsal, where they’re holding back!

The truly outstanding  performance is by Australian Warwick Fyfe singing the tragic character of Rigoletto, whose voice last night was like thunder. It’s a monster (so no surprise to discover he’s a Wagnerian!)

I have just one word of advice: Go!


  1. Taxpayer funded entertainment is okay then?.

  2. Maybe he's decided that since he's been forced to pay for it, he may as well watch it. Bit like accusing someone of being a hypocrite for going to a public hospital.

  3. I like those 2 chicks there? I'm keen to do a rigorous Rigoletto session with them alone. It would be lovely.


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