Monday, 18 June 2012

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: “The Incredible Bread Machine”

Yes, it might be exam time, but our friends at the Auckland Uni Economics Group still have a light programme over the exam period. Here’s what’s on offer tonight:

Hi Everyone,
This week we will view and discuss a short film that a former US Treasury Secretary once called "probably the finest effort at explaining in lay terms the economic facts of life..."
This short film, The Incredible Bread Machine, slays a number of economic myths that still exist today, 40 years after the film and book were released, and integrates a number of the ideas we have already looked at this year.
Where: Case Room 3, Level 0, Business School Building
When: Today- Monday, 18 June.
Time: 6pm
Look forward to seeing you there.
Check us out on the web at Facebook & our blog.


  1. I'm always envious of you Aucklanders and your cool economic lectures! Well, that and your post-lecture tipples at Galbraiths. Anyway, I've found this on youtube, and will at least enjoy watching it.

  2. Hi there..
    1) The movie is available at It certainly looks like the one described in wikipedia etc, but I was wondering if, at 55 minutes long, this was the edit ?

    2) You might find this short version of the story amusing...



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