Monday, 25 June 2012

Cunliffe recycles Norman

Martyn Bradbury has taken time out from his new career to talk up David Cunliffe’s weekend speech to a lingering band of those who can stomach his company. Say’s Bradbury to his own dwindling band of readers:

Cunliffe's third True Labour speech has gone far further than the Greens have in highlighting the looming environmental crises of living beyond our biosphere’s ability blah, blah, blah…

Actually, it does nothing of the sort. In fact, it reads like nothing so much as Russel Norman’s own conference speech from a couple of weeks ago—in short: what about the dolphins; we’re all going to die; population growth is a curse; capitalism is to blame; government must pick winners; “green technology” is the way of thee future etc.., et., etc.

So rather than fisking Cunliffe’s doppelganger of a speech, another pig-ignorant cry for attention--another example of recycling masquerading as original thinking—let me just direct you to my reviews of Norman’s original.


  1. Martyn Bandbury’s new career is more plausible than David Cunliffe’s speech.

  2. funny jokes inside Russel Norman, Norman Russell's whats is name dogma speeches,

    " I see a future with less freedom, and less resources, and I want your votes to make sure this happens"

    What NZ politician will not go near the Greens,
    A= Winston Peters

  3. the idea of Martyn Branbury the anti capitalist selling houses think about it : does he have any place left to rave : what is he it vote here. Is he anything or nothing vote here

  4. Pro-Capitalist26 Jun 2012, 09:18:00

    That fat fuck Martyn Bradbury is a loser. The dude is simply too ugly to be a real-estate agent. He is useless in anything. The only thing he will be good at is picking apples perhaps in Hawkesbay.


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