Sunday, 27 May 2012

Should drugs be legal?

First, Yaron Brook answers:

Next, Penny Mackay on Radio New Zealand asks “Is it time to reform cannabis laws?” [28 min. AUDIO]


  1. They are having the same debate in Aus this weekend with 72% currently favouring decriminalization

    I personally don't think anything will happen here any time soon as the current batch of politicians don't have any visionaries amongst them and precious few in opposition.
    The nats seem intent on their target of getting the country in more debt rather than even thinking of any other options.
    Yet everyone I speak with is in agreement that jails should be reserved for our most heinous so it is not a matter of should we but when will we?

  2. Discuss legalization of drugs - in NZ?

    Hell they want to add tobacco to the list of proscribed substances.

    These are people who will fine you if you don't wear a helmet when you are riding your bike.

    And want to medicate bread because women are too stupid to eat their greens and might get pregnant and might have a baby that might get spina bifida because foliate just might reduce the chances of that.

    My Goodness PC we are not capable of making rational choices for ourselves as evidenced by the people we elect to parliament to make them for us.


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