Thursday, 17 May 2012

NZ Music Month: “What Sound is This?”

Oops. I just remembered that May is NZ Music Month.

And since I’m really enjoying The Verlaines’s new album* ‘Untimely Meditations,’ here’s the album’s closer. Bastard has been stuck in my head for a week.

Maybe I’ll try to post one great piece of NZ music a day to make up for my oversight. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments, (which, of course, I’ll feel perfectly free to ignore).

* Well, new to me ‘cos it’s been sitting around waiting for me to start playing it.


  1. Freezing South17 May 2012, 16:56:00

    Dunedin Sound 2012

  2. this is not Music PC it is a message, and Musicians are boring messengers.

  3. Awful. Bloody Awful.

    Having said that, the Verlaines were one of the best bands of that 80's Flying Nun era (with songs like Death & The Maiden, Pyromaniac & Doomsday) in a field littered with no-talent shoe-gazing dirge merchants that the wanky, lefty music press still fawn over today (like Shayne Carter). Many a good Radio with Pictures episodes in the 80's were ruined with that Flying Nun shit.


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