Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Beautiful British bridges

“Beautiful British bridges,” a photo gallery appearing in today’s Telegraph, might sound like an oxymoronic title (something like “Australian culture” or “nomadic urban planning”), but remember Britain is where the Industrial Revolution started. And it started and was carried forward by engineers like Isambard Kingdom Brunel…


And you have gorgeous constructions like this one, the ingenious Firth of Forth Bridge in Edinburgh.





See the whole series here.


  1. It's a travesty that Thomas Telford doesn't get any of his work on the list.

    The Menai bridge really deserves inclusion, not least because it was the first modern suspension bridge, predating IKB's effort at Clifton by 38 years.

  2. @James: Yes, it is passing strange. But I get the impression that most were chosen for their poetry rather that their engineering brilliance--and maybe IKB was chosen as the sole representative of engineers' bridges?

  3. Can any tribute to British brdiges be compelte without the one in the thousand acre wood on which Christopher Robin and friends played Pooh Sticks? I've been there and played, it was fun.


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