Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This is cool

Workers on BHP Billiton’s new building in Perth, West Australia, replicated the famous ‘Lunch Atop a Skyscaper’ photo from the thirties of workers having their lunch on a steel beam high above Manhattan.



  1. Christ, Peter, I feel nauseous just looking at the picture. I need warnings about this kinda stuff.

  2. Ha! Excitement like this is one of the best parts of working on high-rise buildings. :-)

    Surely you've been up the CN Tower?

  3. Yeah - except that the 1930s guys aren't wearing hard hats, harnesses, and worked far longer, harder & more productively that the union-coddled Aussie construction "workers".

    there's really no comparison

  4. Two words...FUCK THAT! :-o

  5. Hal Incandenza8 Feb 2012, 21:36:00

    Yeah, hard hats and weekends are for girls. Not to mention cranes. Dagny says so.

  6. I notice our friend Hal has now stooped to baiting himself.

    Anonymously, of course.

    Great pic PC.

  7. photographer lost the opportunity, get close to shoot into more sky, and leave the ground structures well beneath, bad photo sorry

  8. A+ for the initiative to re-make a photo like that but I agree with Scott.

    It is a bad photo. Bad composition, too many workers on the beam. Would have been much cooler to have only a few that are doing something. This lot is just waving like a bunch of morons.

    But you won't get me up there, that is for sure.

    All up, very cool though.

  9. I've never been up the CN Tower. Have only been to Toronto a couple of times. Have been up SkyTower though, and the one in Sydney. Happy enough when I'm up and behind glass. Would be rather less happy up on a beam.

    If I have to, I can work on the roof of our house. And I worked on the roof of my parents' barn back in the day. Wasn't happy doing it, but can put it aside while working. Not something I do for fun though.


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