Monday, 13 February 2012

Glendowie Montessori

I’ve written many times about the benefits of Montessori education for your youngsters, not just through their early years but right on through primary and high school. If you can find them in your neighbourhood, and if they’re not just Montesomething schools instead of the real thing. 

Well, lucky old Glendowie. If you’re lucky enough to live in Glendowie, Glen Innes or anywhere in that area, I can tell you that a new Montessori classroom has just opened for your two-and-a-half to six year olds—and this is very much the real thing. It’s called the Glendowie Montessori Preschool, and it opens for business today at 227 West Tamaki Rd!

What’s more, there’s also an excellent Montessori primary classroom that can take your children at six.  So if you have young children and this is your stamping ground, then you’ve just fallen on your feet.


  1. Very lucky Glendowie area to be getting Carol!

    We share our home with two of her Titoki graduates, now teenagers, and they have been self-reliant for years. Also rampantly curious, and independent thinkers. Sounds great till you try the old parental standby "because I say so" and find it cuts no ice. Prospective Montessori parents, you have been warned...

  2. Ha!

    Funny, we ran into another of her Titoki youngsters on the weekend at the APO concert. Do you remember "the boy with the drum" at the Xmas concert all those years ago? He's now about to start studying music at Uni. :-)

  3. Remuera Resident13 Feb 2012, 15:21:00

    Why not open the school in Remuera? Sure, there will be a number of Glendowie parents who'll send their kids to that school but nearby Glen Innes? Nah! Those parents there don't have money to pay for Montessori education, plus the same Glen Innes parents have no clue to what Montessori is about. Remuera parents do understand Montessori and they can afford to pay for their children's to attend Montessori.

  4. Good gracious! Montessori is not elitist.

    Heaven forbid the great unwashed should have the opportunity to send their children to such a school.

  5. Experience strongly suggests it's the less 'spoilt' children who benefit most from Montessori.

    I suspect that youngsters from GI will thrive.

  6. PC, I don't remember the boy with the drum, perhaps because I was so focused on my own cherubs' brilliance... but good on him!


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