Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Those programmers!

Those programmers! Always yammering. Always chattering.

Here’s the sort of shit those programmers area always saying. Watch until the end.

[Hat tip Geek Press]


  1. Not quite complete.

    Sometimes we say:


  2. I only say fuck, when I get a Runtime Exceptions. This kind of programmer error can take take very long to diagnose its origin and fixed.

    If its other errors (exception) is being thrown, then I say, you beauty , since I know exactly of what needed to be corrected & fixed.

  3. @Falafulu Fisi: I feel sure I've heard you utter it many more times than that!

  4. Yep. What Dinther said. But mostly 'FUUUUCK!'

  5. Real programmers don't use laptops.


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