Wednesday, 25 January 2012

GUEST POST: The absence of PC explained

Dear readers of Not PC,

Peter suffered a herniated disc. He's in a lot of pain, and hasn't been able to update his blog; or do much of anything really.

Stay tuned; hopefully he'll be back online soon. In the meantime have a look at the 'REGULAR READS' links on the left of the blog for some excellent writing from elsewhere on the Web.

Julian Pistorius

P.S. I blame it on the vegetarianism.

P.P.S. There is no substance to the rumours of an assassination attempt by a rabid Ron Paul fan.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  2. I've been wondering about the silence, and missing you blog Peter. All the best for a quick recovery.

    Um, not sure where I've heard it from, but beer is a miraculous cure for a herniated disc.

    Anyway, we know what's valuable to ourselves when we lose it, so hurry back.

    (Oh, keep an eye on SOLO over next couple of days, I've got a post going up soon I reckon will cheer you up ...)

  3. Yup, that vege-ism sure is such a curse. He was warned of course.

  4. All the best, Peter; and remember, Atlas Shrugged but Discus Slipped.

  5. Sorry to hear you're injured. Hope you're getting the best of treatment from our medical system - we have some wonderful quacks ;)

    If the pain is not to bad, treat it as an enforced opportunity to read up on some new and wonderful architecture you heard, and were curious, about...

    Mad Marxist.
    P.S. Did you hurt your back helping Gareth Morgan carry his gold bullion out of Kiwibank's vaults? hehe.

  6. Hey Peter, sorry to hear about your herniated disc.... back pain can be a real bastard, so I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. And Julian, thanks for the update.

  7. the drunken watchman26 Jan 2012, 10:41:00

    ... maybe all that fagotty designer beer he has been drinking?

  8. Arrgh! Peter, sorry to hear you've joined the club! Find a good physio (for when its acute) and a good massage lady. (for maintenence in between)My current one rowed for Rumania in the Olympics and she can compress a month's pain into an hour no problem!

    I took a few years before I stopped having acute repeats & now just have a massage every few months, so hopefully you should come right


  9. I find a good soak in a spa pool in the evening helps manage my hip osteo pain.

    I hope this link works"

  10. Cut back on the doggystyle.....its a younger man's game. ;-)

  11. Oh dear, this sounds very painful Peter. I couldn't imgaine much worse than being laid up for an extended period of time. Sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  12. Ouch! Been there, can still remember the debilitating nature of the pain caused by the nerve root compression. Never want to go there again. Have you been put on high dose steroids? Worked for me.

  13. Here you go Peter, hot on the tail of Gareth Morgan's reply to Richard McGrath's challenge to pay more tax (did you see that on NBR Richard?), something that might cheer you up a bit :)

    Gareth Morgan is trying to micro-manage everything down to my wife, who he just called a dropkick and a wanker.

  14. Hi Mark, I haven't seen the reply from Morgan. Can you post a link or reproduce it?

  15. Hi Mark, yes I agree with Richard, I would like to see the e-mail trail if possible from beginning to end. Would like to forward that trail to a few people. Can you copy just those emails into NotPC's comments?
    Thanks. Julian

  16. Oh no, very sorry to hear that.. I wish you all the best Peter.

  17. Richard, I was simple referring to his reply via the NBR article, which you have the last two posts on now, so I guess you found it :) I put the comments up on that thread under Tribeless ... no real reason for using that name on NBR other than that's what I've always done: everyone there knows who it is.

    For sake of clarity the article is here - no time to html the clicky:

    Julian, not too sure what you mean by an email trail, perhaps you're getting crossed over with my link above to Dr Morgan's email trail with my wife ... which is worth a read, if I say so myself.

  18. Hi Mark, I have just taken out a subscription to NBR online, and read many of your incisive and brilliant comments. Well done!

  19. Hi Richard and Julian ... um, something a bit glitchy going on here. I've posted two replies to your comments, but both have disappeared.

    I'll see if this one sticks?

    ... but yes, Richard, I was referring to the NBR article you've already found :)

    Julian, not too sure what you mean by the email trail: perhaps you're getting mixed up with my post above and the link to my wife's email correspondence with Gareth Morgan.

  20. Yes Mark, are you able to post the email correspondence between your wife and Gareth Morgan sequentially? It is fascinating seeing him respond this way and I'm keen to show it to some people. Having the "email trail" between the two parties would show the full context. Great work by the way. Thanks, Julian

  21. Okay, but I've severe time constraints so it won't be until at least the weekend.

    Although, the correspondence that was important is in my post, there's not much more than that, and Pauline is a ruthless housekeeper, so as she thought her first email to GMI informing them of reasons for soon transferring was 'routine' she deleted that after sending ...

  22. @Mark: hey, in this day an age with massive amounts of storage you should never be needing to delete emails! If you use Gmail just click "archive" instead.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Mathmo - Pauline treats her computer as merely an extension of the house. Everything is spring-cleaned, regularly, and ruthlessly, despite my protestations to keep 'stuff', from computer files to old newspapers. It's sort of nuclear winter meets housekeeping.

  25. Thanks for your kind thoughts, everyone. And even for the unkind ones.
    The only thing worse than being though about is not being thought about. As someone amost said.

  26. very sad to hear about your herniated disc... my best wishes are with you for speed recovery...GET WELL SOOn...


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